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Lanzi Academy of Dance is a premier dance studio location in Uniontown PA that specializes in Ballet, Pointe, Jazz, Tap, Lyrical, Contemporary, Acro, Tumbling, Hip Hop and Ballroom. Come learn from the best.


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Mommy and Me

Our mommy and me class offers the opportunity for our young dancers to take a class with a parent or guardian while learning a variety of fundamental dance concepts.  students enrolled in the 'mommy and me' class are given the option to participate in the annual recital, because the age range is usually 18 months to 3 years.



Classes for beginners

At L.A. Dance, we offer a variety of classes for the beginning dancer.  ballet, acro/jazz combo, and tap are offered in half hour sessions, exposing L.A. Dance's newest students to the key concepts in the world of dance.



The fundamentals of dance are centered around the art of ballet.  at L.A. Dance, our focus is embedded in teaching the detail, intricacies, and beauty of ballet.  we ensure mastery of skill prior to allowing our students to advance to the next level.


Advancing to higher levels of anything takes mental and physical strength, a positive and hard-working attitude, and the mastery of fundamental skill sets.  classes offered in pointe are tailored to the individual based on their progression through ballet.



Originated around jazz music, the genre of dance has evolved over the decades.  our jazz instruction emphasizes up-tempo and rhythmic movements, centered around music that is directly associated with jazz.  from broadway to funk, we search for innovative ways to express such a proud history.



Since our humble beginnings in the late 1940's, tap has always been highlighted at the Katy Lyon dance center, and that emphasis remains at L.A. Dance.  holding true to our foundations it's our aim to tell a story with our feet while we entertain with our powerful movements.  because Katy and Mia were such wonderful teachers of tap, we take very seriously the privilege of carrying on such tradition.


Lyrical dance refers to a style of dance created through the combination of ballet, jazz, and contemporary, emphasizing expression on strong emotion within one's movements.  lyrical routines are usually represented through a dancer's movements in relation to a song's lyrics.  our lyrical routines are meaningful, wherein the choreographed numbers possess sentimental value.



Much like the lyrical genre, contemporary combines elements of various other genres.  modern dance, jazz, lyrical, and classical ballet coagulate to form contemporary dance.  our contemporary classes work to combine the mind, body, and spirit, allowing the natural flow of choreography to showcase fluency in our dance.




Our classes in acro are designed to combine classical dance technique with precise acrobatic movements.  at L.A. Dance, our acro classes are defined by our dancers' athleticism, complimented by our instructors' unique choreography.  our dancers in acro are recognized by their ability to contort and manipulate their bodies.



Relatively new to the various genres of dance, hip hop focuses primarily on movements related to or derived from the hip hop culture. Movements are fast, movements are funky, and movements are fresh when working in the world of hip hop.




The foundations of our dancers' graceful movements and flexibility are deeply rooted in our tumbling classes.  at an early age, our dancers are taught the strength and confidence to master skills such as ariels, back flips, hand springs, and tucks.




Lessons for adults wanting to learn the art of ballroom dancing are available upon request.